For all architects who need a serious marketing help:

W4A(Web for Architects) is a subsidiary of a JC-DC dedicated exclusively for interior designers looking to establish their identities on the World Wide Web. W4A provides customized web, print, logo, identity, and Search Engine Optimization in the same principle interior designers adopt in customizing spaces for unique user experiences. We advocate good tastes. We embrace new ideas. We provide comprehensive services at competitive prices. There is no headache or haggle, except a promise to deliver the most fitting interior design website that is conceptualized from scratch with a lead holder and a roll of tracing paper.

We are small and lean

Small and lean means no big meetings in a fancy boardroom. No bosses screaming at our faces. Making quicker decisions. No scheduled work time. Just a lot of Red Bulls and Five Hour Energy. We stay small because we want to have an intimate relationship with our clients. We are in a 'let's-make-our-client-better-so-we-can-get-better-too' kinda business. The most satisfying thing is to see our clients grow. We'll do whatever it takes to make your business get better. We'll squeeze new ideas in our dream and in the kitchen. We'll live and breathe your business. Your baby is our baby.

Easy & fun process

A creative design process shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun, fast-paced, and results-driven. We don't drag projects. Our clients jump in rejoice because our process is extremely simple. We are simple minded. We promise you to work hard, exceed your expectations, and bring big results while never losing smiles on our faces.

Let's get to work.


joe001 Joseph Chung is an idea guy, a marketing guy, and an ad junkie. He will pitch you a new franchising idea with your delicious cookies. He will draw a new mobile app idea for your construction business. He is currently planning on a new social media website for architects & interior designers.

Joe has founded JC-DC & W4ID in 2006. He received his bachelor's degree from University of Michigan in 2003. At Michigan, Joe concentrated on graphic design, web art, & sculpture. He later attended the Michigan Masters of Architecture in 2004. He is currently pursuing Masters degree in advertising. What's next? French culinary art degree?

Joe loves to watch movies, play bass guitar, walk with his toy poodles, Doogie & Annie, and talks Michigan football 24/7. He is married with no children, and openly admits he has a man crush on Tom Brady, his former classmate.